Natural by Chartorama papers

“Natural by Chartorama Papers” is a brochure that was created for Chartorama papers presenting a range of white and off-white papers by Favini. Exploring the meaning of the word “natural” as a concept, the idea of ​​the publication was based on the natural flow. The flow of time during a day is given like the circadian rhythm of human which is connected to nature. Photographic spreads of six consecutive hours of the day, of the same landscape, unfold in an off-white brochure. Each hour is printed on a different paper giving the reader the feel and texture of each imprint. The typography synchronizes with each photograph, and complements the content as a narrative element, following the movement of the sun during the day, from Dawn till Night.

Art Direction & Design:
Regina Souli Studio & Veronika Papadopoulou [Common Ground]
Chartorama papers
Photo Credits (publication & photoshoot):
Athina Souli
Printing & Binding:
Typografio Pletsas–Kardari