Symbiosis Look Book

The Look Book ‘Symbiosis’ is the first fine jewelry collection of designers’s Ioanna Souflia, introducing a modern take on luxury. Inspired by the designer’s black and white cosmos where Thasos marble and gold, embellished with grey and black diamonds, playfully co-exist into fashion-forward pieces that stimulate the senses.

The look book presents the precious jewelries as sculptural pieces which stand in the central point creating dialogues with the photographs and co-exist in a symbiotic relationship. The contrast of black and white flows inside the pages with minimal forms and different sizes creating a harmonic final result which engages the whole collection and reflects the brand’s aesthetic and the designer’s vision of precious jewelry.

Creative Direction & Design:
Regina Souli Studio
Ioanna Souflia
Print & Book Binding:
Asterios Gousios Printing