Yria Hotel

Opened in 1982, Yria Hotel is a charming family-owned hotel located in the main town of Zakynthos island in Greece. The identity we designed takes inspiration from the hotel’s history, location, and the Art Deco qualities of the original logo. It features a delicate symbol made up of the initials Y and H and the arch—an ever-present element in zakynthian architecture and also part of the hotel’s building design. The wordmark, which contains the name and the founding year, was designed using the contemporary-looking yet elegant Orchidea Pro by Mint Type Foundry, a typeface balancing on the verge of sans and serif, thus functioning as a conceptual bridge between the past and future of the business. The identity is complemented by warm earthy colours.

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Creative Direction & Design:
Regina Souli Design Studio
Olympia Aivazi
Typografio Pletsas Kardari
Photo credits:
Athina Souli